In this section to get learn about how the pricing works and an overview of "The Process".



Everyone wants to know how much does everything cost? What are your rates? What's included, what's optional? Here is a brief summary of the key pricing points that you should be aware of before getting started. These are the most important details and specifics of the pricing process.


  • I'm not here to sell you anything. I'm ALL about informing you the point of full disclosure so you can make the correct, most educated decision about your entertainment choice for your event.

  • EVERY single event is a one-of-a-kind, completely unique, custom crafted package. Wether it's a wedding, a BIG corporate party, or your company's Year End Holiday Party, each event will have specific factors that will influence the numbers. The pricing will always vary from package to package so it's almost impossible and quite unprofessional to just throw a random number out there. Set up an initial consultation to get the ball rolling.

  • Redefining "One-Stop-Shop". Why not let me do all the hard work by creating a Bundled Services Package? You needed a Wedding DJ but now you want to add on a fun, interactive PhotoBooth. The more services you bundle together, the more savings you'll be able to take advantage of. Make sure to ask about Bundled Services Packages vs. à la carte so you can understand the difference.

  • EVERY event will start with a 4-Hour minimum cost and then flip to a per hour charge after that to arrive at a complete package total. Uplighting, Custom Monograms, DVD/Montage Packages, and some other options are all available as add-ons. At the conclusion of our meeting you will have a custom crafted package and 2 payment options for you to review and make a decision on. It really does make absolutely no sense to just throw random numbers out there so the best possible thing you can do IS get that initial consultation scheduled ASAP.

  • Travel, setup, and teardown are always included with never any miscellaneous charges thrown in, or ANY hidden fees to drive cost up. I try to craft the absolute perfect package for you based on everything you want, leaving out things you don't want or need.

  • I don't believe in nickel-and-diming anyone and I sure don't believe in random charges for things that should be included standard. You'll never pay extra for a separate ceremony system, wireless mic/s for ceremony, an independent cocktail hour satellite speaker or separate system, or any equipment necessary for me to execute your event. I bring what is needed to knock it out of the park, no excuses.

"The entertainment you choose for your event should not be motivated by cost or a specific dollar amount, BUT instead by quality and the final product delivered the day of your event. -Nicholas Witzler"