In this section you get to check out some various media clips. Some are live videos, some are testimonials, some are just super cool clips for you to check out. These are clips of a specific moment in time, at someone's unique event. If Dj'ing is taking place the song/s were either selected by the client or myself, for their day/event, at that specific moment in time, and are not to be used as a generalization of what style, type, or genre of music to expect to hear at your event. Each and every event is a one-of-a-kind and a unique playlist is created by the client along with help and guidance. All clips are to be used simply for entertainment purposes only. 

Dani & Blair Barker along with Nicholas Witzler of Impressions San Diego, live video testimonial from Riverwalk Golf Clubs recent Charity event.

Short clip of Lindsay & Ben's wedding reception where everyone decided to get LOOSE, FOOT LOOSE that is!! ALL UPLIGHTING provided by IMPRESSIONS SAN DIEGO.

Nice clip of the guests and even the Bride & Groom getting down at the reception for Ashley & Pedram!

Some live footage of the guests having a blast at the Carrasco reception! This crowd LOVED to dance. ALL UPLIGHTING provided by Impressions San Diego -

Lauren & Ryan's guests sure know how to get down! We even got to do the Hora! Mazel Tov!

Amanda & Austin were one of the sweetest couple's I've worked with! I also enjoyed DJ'ing Austin's Mom's wedding! They are one of the coolest families!

Jeff Goldbloom’s Kitchen Speech was a HUGE hit at Lauren & Ryan Fournier's wedding, which took place down at the New Children's Museum in San Diego. It was a COMPLETE surprise and NO ONE knew it was going to happen except for the coordinator, myself, and the person that got us Jeff's speech.

Last dance for Ashley & Pedram at their recent wedding reception. What an amazing night!

Clip of the guests getting down at Victoria & Isaac's reception. BIG shouts to Isaac's 80 year old Father you see dancing right in front, he's got the tuxedo on. ALL UPLIGHTING provided by Impressions San Diego. -

Short clip of Nicholas Witzler VJ'ing (Video DJ'ing) for INSIDEINFO @ Xcellerated - Union Nightclub in Los Angeles, CA.

Promotional video for the debut set of Nicho Paul @ Avenue in Pacific Beach for the "Switching Lanes" night, February 2018. Video Credit & Edit - Taylor Struthers